Tallest Statues in Karnataka

The most popular tallest statues in Karnataka are Gomateshwara Statues Shravanabelagola, Bahubali Statue Dharmasthala, Bahubali Statue Venur, Bahubali Statue Gommatagiri and Bahubali Statue Karkala, Kempfort Shiva statue Bangalore, Golden Temple Buddha Statue, statue of Lord Shani Udupi, Hoysaleshwara and Shantaleshwara Temples Nandi statue and Bull Temple Nandi statue Bangalore.

Lord Shiva Statue, Murudeshwara

Murudeshwar Town is famous for the world's second-tallest Shiva statue, built on the Kanduka Hill and surrounded by the waters from three sides. The 123-feet Shiva idol of Murudeshwar is the tallest statue of Lord Shiva in sitting posture.

Shivoham Shiva Temple, Bengaluru

Shivoham Shiva Temple, Bengaluru islocated near Kempfort (Total Mall) on Old Airport Road, Bangalore. This temple is considered as one of the most beautiful shiva temples around the country. The beautiful statues of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganapathi are a major attraction for all the devotees visiting the temple. The temple is known for its well-maintenance and regular festivities being organised for the devotees for them to indulge in the worship of Lord Shiva, who is considered as one of the major gods in Southern India. Marked by a 65ft tall figurine of Lord Shiva carved in white marble, and placed in an artificial pool of water symbolising Lord Shiva's natural habitat, this place is a beautiful pilgrimage centre for all the devotees of Lord Shiva. Lord Ganapathi is also worshipped in the premise of the temple and regular aarti and chanting of mantras are done by the priests.

Shivagiri Lord Shiva, Bijapur

Lord Shiva statue of Shivagiri in Bijapur is the second biggest statue of Lord Shiva in the country. The 85 feet tall Shiva Statue was installed by Banakatti Charitable Trust and considered as fourth tallest statue of Lord Shiva in world.

Gomateshwara Statues, Shravanabelagola

Gomateshwara Statue at Shravanabelagola is one of the largest monolithic statues in the world,situated on the top of Shravanabelagola hill. The statue of Gommateshvara Bahubali at Shravanabelagola is one of the five massive monolithic statue of Gomateshwara Bahubali in Karnataka.

Bahubali Statue, Karkala

Karkala town of Udupi District is well known for its massive 42 feet monolithic statue of Gomateshwara Bahubali. The towering monolith statue of Bahubali in Karkala is the second tallest statue of Gomateshwara in the state.

Statue of Basaveshwara, Gadag

The statue of Basaveshwara has been erected in the middle of the 103-acre tank in Gadag district of Karnataka. A 111-foot statue of Basaveshwara at the Bhishma Lake is the tallest staue of Basavanna in India.

Lord Basava, Basavakalyan

Basavakalyan town in Bidar District is home to one of the world's tallest statue of Basavanna measuring 108 feet. The statue was built in October 2012 and is the tallest statue of Basavanna in a sitting posture in India.

Parshavanatha Stuatue, Hubli

The Navagraha Tirtha has the 61-foot monolithic statue of Bhagavan Parshwanath installed along with the statues of eight other Tirthankaras. Navagraha Tirtha in Varur near Hubli is one of the most famous Digambar Jain Temple in India, located on National Highway 4.

Parshvanatha Basadi, Halebidu

Jain temple or basadi in the Halebidu complex has one of the largest statue of Lord Parshvanatha measuring 18 feet, situated in the Parshvanatha basadi. The temple complex of Halebidu comprises Hindu temples as well as two Jain basadi and an archeological museum in the complex.

Agara Hanuman, Bangalore

The 102 feet Gigantic statue of Lord hanuman is located in a panchayat village of Agara in Karnataka. This beautiful huge Hanuman statue is the tallest statue of any god of any kind in Bengaluru.

Hanuman Statue, Mysore

The second tallest Hanuman statue being installed in the premises of Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashram in Mysore. 41-ft statue stands on the roof of Karyasiddhi Hanuman Sannidhi.

Chamundi Hills Nandi, Mysore

Giant statue of Nandi bull is located at the top of Chamundi hills in Mysore and considered as one of the oldest icon of the city. Famous Chamundeshwari Temple is located atop of the Chamundi Hills and one of the hill top temples of Durga devi in India.

Nandi Statue, Kotilingeshwara

Kotilingeshwara has one the huge Nandi statue which is 35 feet tall lies in front of the Shivling,situated in Kammasandra Village in Kolar district. Kotilingeshwara Temple or Koti Lingeshwara Temple has the distinction of having one of the largest Shivalinga measuring 108 ft in the world.

Bull Temple, Bangalore

The Bull Temple, also known as Nandi Temple, is one of the oldest temples in the city of Bengaluru. The temple is popularly called as 'Dodda Basavana Gudi' by the locals and is the biggest temple dedicated to Nandi in the world. Nandi, the bull, is the mount or 'vahana' of Lord Shiva and the guardian deity of Lord Shiva's abode, Kailashagiri; according to Hindu traditions. This temple is every Shiva devotee's must-visit destination because Nandi holds great importance to Lord Shiva. The architectural style of the Bull Temple is mainly Dravidian and was constructed by Kempe Gowda. It is believed that the origin of the river Vrishabhavati is at the feet of Nandi. The entire sculpture of the bull is carved out of one single granite rock. The statue is 4.5 meters high and 6.5 meters long. Coconut oil, butter and 'benne' are regularly applied to this statue. This had led to the originally grey statue to turn black.