KSTDC Hotels Badami

Badami is where some of Karnataka's most beautiful rock-cut temples are located. Carved out of a rust-red cliff face, they display not just devotion but also the exceptional artistry of the Chalukyan sculptors who toiled to create these monuments. Steps lead up to the first cave temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a unique sculpture of an 18-armed Nataraja striking 81 dance poses. The next two are dedicated to Lord Vishnu of which the third is larger and has ornate carvings. The fourth temple has Jain imagery.

Karnataka Hotels, Badami is close to the bus-stand and consists of two blocks of rooms. One block has 10 double bed rooms of which 6 are air-conditioned and 4 standard. The other block consists of 4 double bed rooms and 2 three bed rooms. The hotel complex incorporates a restaurant and a beer parlour.

Karnataka KSTDC Hotels Badami Mayura Chalukya Hotel Deals & Room Rates are detailed.

Address & Phone Number
Karnataka Hotels Badami Chalukya
Badami 587 201
Phone Number: 0835-7220046, 8970650024 (Mr. Sankh)

Room Type Total Rooms Tariff
DLX Double rooms 6 Rs.2500/-
A/C Semi DLX Double rooms 10 Rs.1500/-
Non A/C Semi DLX double rooms 10 Rs.1000/