KSTDC Hotels Bijapur

The Adil Shahi dynasty ruling from Bijapur has made many contributions to the historically rich Deccan region. Among the many awe-inspiring monuments left behind by them, the Gol Gumbaz arguably ranks first. Dominating the landscape, it looms large over the mosques, palaces, watch-towers and fortifications that give Bijapur its unique character.

Karnataka Hotels Bijapur is located a short distance from the Gol Gumbaz and provides an excellent view of the monument. The small, cozy hotel has 4 double bed rooms and a restaurant to cater to its guests.

Address & Phone Number
Karnataka Hotels Bijapur (Adil Shahi)
Station Road, Bijapur 586 101
Phone Number: 0835-2250401, 8970650031 (Mr. Ramesh Kumar)

Room Type Total Rooms Tariff
A/C Double Rooms 4 Rs.990/-