KSTDC Hotels Halebeedu

Halebeedu, the other capital of the Hoysala dynasty, draws visitors from around the world for the magnificence of its Hoysaleswara Temple. Perched on a star-shaped plinth amidst manicured lawns, it displays the intricate carving and glorious architecture that are the hallmark of the Hoysalas. Ornate doorways, richly carved outer walls and beautiful sculptures distinguish the temple. A museum of the Archaeological Department is within the complex and the Parshwanatha Basadi with its polished pillars is close by. Karnataka Hotels Halebeedu is located almost next door to the temple and is ideal for those seeking to study the monument in greater detail. The hotel is a compact one with 3 double bed rooms and 1 four bed room, besides a restaurant.

Address & Phone Number
Karnataka Hotels Halebeedu (Shanthala)
Halebeedu, Hassan 573 121
Phone Number: 0817-7273224, 9480014906, 8970654600(Mr. Pappanna)

Room Type Total Rooms Tariff
Non A/c rooms 3 Rs.1000/-
Non A/c of 4 beds 1 Rs.1600/-