KSTDC Hotels Tungabhadra Dam

Tungabhadra Dam, located close to Hospet, is as much a tourist attraction as the World Heritage Site of Hampi. The dam across the Tungabhadra River creates a huge lake that stretches as far as the eye can see. A beautiful garden has been laid adjacent to the dam.

Karnataka Hotels Vijayanagara, located beside the dam, offers a serene, green environment while being conveniently close to Hampi. The hotel has a total of 22 rooms comprising 2 single rooms, 16 double bed rooms, 3 three bed rooms and a four bed room. A restaurant and a beer parlour are attached to the hotel.

Address & Phone Number
Karnataka Hotels Vijayanagar (TB Dam)
TB Dam, Hospet,
Bellary 583 225
Phone Number: 0839-4259270, 9242073112 (Mr. Kadam)

Room Type Total Rooms Tariff
Non A/C Double rooms 12 Rs.600/-
Non A/C rooms of 3 beds 5 Rs.800/-
Non A/C room of 4 beds 2 Rs.950/-
Non A/C room of 5 Bed 2 Rs.1200/-
Non A/C Single room 1 Rs.490/-