Kurudumale Mahaganapati Temple

Kurudumale Mahaganpati Temple is located before the Mulbagal town around 11 kms on the left there is a signage of Karnataka tourism which guides to the main temple, which is Mahaganapathi temple.

Kurudumale Ganesha temple built by a Vijayanagara kings. This place was believed to be the place where Devas would descend from the heavens for recreation on earth. The ganesha temple is considered to be very powerful. Many people start new jobs or new work only after taking the blessing of Lord Ganesha.

There is another temple dedicated to Shiva called the Someshwara temple which is also situated in Kurudumale. The interesting thing about this temple is that it is built of a rock without any foundations. Another interesting thing is the architectural style of the temple; this temple is considered to be older than the Ganesha temple and was built during the Cholas period. Half of the temple has different style of carving, believed to have been done by artist Jakanachari and the other half is believed to have been carved by his son Dankanachari. The part of the temple supposedly built by Dankana's has statues and carvings which are more intricate and sophisticated. Ganesha temple in Kurudumale, situated on the same road as that of Someshwara temple, but here a huge Ganesha idol is being worshipped from ages unknown. It is said that the Ganesha statue was being worshipped in an open field, until Krishnadevaraya built a temple around it. Its too huge to imagine (14 ft in all), bigger than the Dodda Ganesha of Basavanagudi.

How to Reach Kolar :
By Bus : Regular KSRTC buses are available from KSRTC bus stand, Majestic, Bangalore. Kurudumale Mahaganpati Temple is 110 Km from Bangalore and 10 Km from Mulbagal

By Rail : By train upto Bangerpet and then 15 min travel by bus

By Air : The nearest air port to the town is at Bangalore.