Lakshmi Temples in and around Bangalore

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. She is the wife and shakti (energy) of Vishnu, a major god in Hinduism. Lakshmi is also an important deity in Jainism and found in Jain temples. Lakshmi is also a goddess of abundance and fortune for Buddhists, and was represented on the oldest surviving stupas and cave temples of Buddhism.

Sri Mahalakshmi Temple

Mahalakshmi mandir was built by Sri Lakshmidasa Bhagwan in 1980 and performed "Kumbhabhishekam". The mandir attracts a large number of devoteed from all parts of India. It is one of the most beautiful temples in Bangalore and every visitor to this city should visit this mandir & get blessing of Godess Sri Mahalakshmi.

Sri Mahalakshmi Mandir Trust (R)
Mahalakshmi Road,
Lower Palace Orchards, Bangalore - 560 003
Phone Number: +91-080-23364769

Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, Goravanahalli

Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, situated in Goravanahalli, is the abode of Goddess Mahalakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity. Tuesdays and Fridays are considered auspicious for pooja of Goddess Mahalakshmi; hence poojas on this day are elaborate and beautiful to witness. Pilgrims come from all over to get a glimpse of Goddess Mahalakshmi especially on Tuesdays and Fridays. Free lunch is provided everyday to devotees. Goravanahalli is situated about 80 km from Bangalore, 30 km from Tumkur and 25 km from Koratagere.

Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, Goravanahalli
Theeta Post, Koratagere Taluk,
Tumkur District, Goravanahalli, Karnataka 572129
Phone Number: 081382 37509

Mahalakshmi Temple, Domlur

The temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore built more than 70 years. It is believed that the idol of Shri Mahalakshmi is self originated and the temple is built thereafter. The temple and main Sanctum faces east. It is situated very near to Domlur Main Raod in Domlur Village. Ashta lakshmi and Gaja Lakshmi shrines are also seen in the temple. Special pooja's are performed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Mahalakshmi Temple, Domlur
2nd Cross Road, Domlur Village, Domlur
Bangalore, Karnataka 560047
Phone Number: 080-25354010

Mahalakshmi Temple, Gubbi

The Mahalakshmi temple at Gubbi was established in 2003. At a distance of 20 kms from Tumkur, lies Gubbi. Only a 15 min drive from Tumkur on NH-206 lies a famous temple of the Goddess Mahalakshmi. Temples are significant and hold prominent importance in the South of India. This temple attracts many devotees throughout the year. Mahalakshmi temple, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. A large number of businessmen and politicians regularly visit the temple. It holds prominent importance for the devotees. At the Mahalakshmi temple, Tuesdays and Fridays are considered very auspicious. Special poojas are performed on the two days and the temple is decorated. The temple provides free lunch to devoteeļæ½s every day throughout the year.

Mahalakshmi Temple
Gubbi, Karnataka 572216

Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli

Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli is located in Hassan District. It is around 16Km from Hassan city. This is one of the ancient temples in Karnataka and it was built by Hoysala ruler Vishnuvardhana in 1114. One can see the Hoysala style of architecture in this temple. Lakshmi Devi temple in Doddagaddavalli is a Chatushkuta temple, with four shrines and towers, also are four towers at the four corners of the temple compound. Each gopura(tower) has the kalasha and Hoysala crest at the top.

Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli
Doddagadduvalli, Karnataka 573216
Phone Number: 094828 27228

Shringeri Sharadamba

Shringeri Sharadamba temple is located in Shringeri town of Shimoga district. This temple is dedicated to goddess Saraswati. This temple was founded by Sri Adi Shankaracharya in 8th century. There is a special pooja for the crystal Chandramouleeshwara Linga every night at 8:30PM. It is believed that Lord Shiva gifted this to Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Saraswati is lord of Knowledge, worshipping Goddess Saraswati gives you the power of Knowledge. The ritual of Aksharabhyasa performed here is considered to be sacred and fulfilling. The parents of kids in the age of 2-5 are given a slate and chalk or alternatively, a plate of rice on which they pray to Goddess Saraswati and the Guru to impart good knowledge and education to their children.

Shringeri Sharadamba Temple
Harihara Street, District Chikkamagaluru,
Sringeri, Karnataka 577139
Phone Number: 082652 50123

Kollur Mookambika temple

Kollur Mookambika temple is located among Kodachadri hills in Udupi district. This temple is nearly 1200 years old. This was built by king Halugallu Veera Sangayya. It is belived that demon Kaumasura was destroyed by goddess Saraswati in this region near a place called Marena Katte. Saraswati took away the speech from the demon Kaumasura and prevented him by getting a boon from Lord Shiva. After this she was known as Mookambika.

Kollur Mookambika Temple
Kollur, Karnataka 576220
Phone Number: 082542 58221

Shri Mahalakshmi Temple, Kolhapur

The Shri Mahalakshmi Temple of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, is one of the Shakti Peethas listed in various puranas of Hinduism. According to these writings, a Shakti Peetha is a place associated with Shakti, the goddess of power. Shakti Peethas are highly revered shrines of Shakti by the Saktha sect (Shaktism) of Hinduism.

Mahalakshmi Temple, Kolhapur
Mahadwar Road, B Ward, Shivajipet,
Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416012
Phone Number: 0231 254 1779

Kateel Durgaparameshwari Temple

Kateel Durgaparameshwari temple is located in Dakshina Kannada district and it is about 26 kilometers from Mangalore. It is a beautiful and holy temple situated amidst greenery on the river Nindini. Goddess Durga defeated demon Arunasura, who was undefeatable by the gods, in this region.

Kateel Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple
SH 67, Kateel, Dakshina Kannada,
Karnataka 574148
Phone Number: 0824 220 0361

Other Mahalakshmi Temples

SRI Mahalakshmi Mandir Bhavan
Girls School Street, Kumarapark West,
Behind Sheshadripuram College,
Seshadripuram, Bangalore - 560020
Phone Number: +(91)-9611057212