Sri Laxminarayan Mahamaya Temple

The beautiful Sri Lakshminarayana Mahamaya temple is situated at Hanumatta near Ankola. The GSB Brahmins who fled from Goa about 1510 AD, with their family deities (Kuladevatha idols) came and settled here. The idol of gold in this temple is taken out for worship once in ten-fifteen years. The punarprathistapana of the temple took place in 1975.

As it is known, Goa was for some time under the Portugese rule. The Portugese began to destroy Hindu Temples and Hindu religion. Many Hindu families migrated to Goa, being unable to withstand this religious persecution. The devotees of Sri Lakshminarayana Mahamaya had also to face the same situation, but they were not willing to leave behind their family diety. It was easy for them to take with them Sri Lakshminarayana from Nagwe, but Mahamaya had self-manifested in form of Rohini, which posed a problem to the devotees in taking her with them out of Goa. But, Mahamaya assured them that she would go with them in form of a coconut. Thus, the devotees left Goa in 1510 with the coconut and the image of Sri Lakshminarayana.

Then, Hanumatta was a dense forest. As the devotees reached Hanumatta, it was dusk. They halted at the temple of Sri Mahishasura Mardini Sri Bhagavathi. In that place, there were also temples of Sri Veerappa, Sri Honnappa and Sri Hanumantha. The place was called Hanumatta becuase of the temple of Sri Hanumatha. Before next dawn, a suprising incident took place. The coconut was now surrounded by an ant hill. It was obvious that Sri Lakshminarayana and Sri Mahamaya had desired to stay there permenently.

Sri Lakshminarayana Mahamaya Temple
P.O. Vandige, Hanumatta
Mathakeri Road, Ankola, Karnataka
Phone Number: 083882 30222

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