Legends Motorcycle Museum, Bangalore

Legends Motorcycle Museum is a collection of 20 plus vintage motorcycles in working condition whose vintage dates back to 1924. The Museum is the lifelong collection of motorcycle enthusiast SK Prabhu. The museum walls are covered with biker memorabilia and photographs. The collection includes a 1924 BSA 250 cc, a Cezeta 1962 and some rare motorcycles from World War II: the BSA M20 1942 500 cc, James ML 1942 and the Norton 500cc 1942.

The first floor has on display no less than twenty motorcycles, some of which are imported from countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand. A few of the motorcycles date back to the 1920s and 1930s. You can get to see England made, military-modelled motorcycles of the second world war like the BSA 500 cc, Norton 500 cc and James ML 1942 Handgear. There is also a 1962 German Florette, NUS and a DKW Hummel. The n Italian Lambretta Innocenti 1960 will make your jaws drop. Other models are an American 1962 Whizzer. The museum has a few BSA bikes, all of them made in England.

Legends Motorcycling Cafe and Museum
15, Wheeler Road,
Pulkeshi Nagar, Pulikeshi Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005
Phone Number: 94480 81969