Madras Sappers Museum

Madras Sappers Museum showcases the history of the Madras Engineer Group (called the Sappers, established in 1803). The Madras Sappers are the oldest regiment of the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army. The museum chronicles their history and achievements and houses armoury used by the regiment, medals, their attire and a sports gallery.

The Madras Sappers Museum and Archives at Bangalore in the state of Karnataka is an army museum housing the objects related to army. It was established in the year 1979. Presently it exhibits military history records and artifacts of army engineers for motivation of troops.

Interested people may visit the museum from 8:30am to 1:30pm and 3pm to 5pm in summer, and 8:30am to 1:30pm and 3pm to 4pm in winter. Sundays and holidays have a different timing opening at 9am and closing at 12:30pm.

Madras Sappers Museum & Archives
KG Halli, D' Souza Layout, Ashok Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Phone Number: 096324 59384

The museum has meticulously documented everyone related to the infantry — even a civilian dhobi (washerman) who was awarded a Maha Vir Chakra, Olympian medallists, Arjuna and Dronacharya awardees and fastest para-athlete of India.

There are also memoirs like a US flag signed by US citizens thanking the Indian Army for assistance, jawans who participated in world moustache competition, the first Indian woman UN military observer and the first Indian sailing expedition and Antarctica expedition among many more quirky facts about the olive green fraternity.

First Indian woman military observer

Captain Anuja Yadav THE of Corps of Engineers was selected as the first Indian woman military observer, who was deployed as a peacekeeper in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 2004-2005. Details about her are put up at the museum.

Maha Vir Chakra awarded to washerman

During the Indo-Pak War of 1948, in J&K sector, on December 18, 1947, a convoy was ambushed by Pakistan army. They had created a road block by removing the decking on a bridge. Ram Chandar, a dhobi, helped the convoy fix the decking while the bridge was under fire. He even took one of the officer’s rifle and provided cover fire. When the vehicle was over the bridge, he shot five or six Pakistans. He was awarded Maha Vir Chakra — medal awarded only to military personnel.

Thank you messages all the way from the US

A star-spangled US flag at the museum bears the signatures of various individuals with short ‘thank you’ messages scribbled all across. It reads, "To Indian Engineers (MEG), From Sea Bees, US Navy".

A team of Sappers from MEG participated in Pacific Partnership-2008 to provide humanitarian assistance in South East Asia. They were on board United States Naval Ship Mercy that undertook tasks at various nations and took up civic tasks.