Manzarabad Fort is situated about 7 km from Sakleshpur in Hassan District of Karnataka. It is at a height of 3240 ft above sea level. Manzarabad Fort was constructed by Tipu Sultan in 1792. Manzarabad Fort can be easily accessed from Sakleshpur Bus Station and Sakleshpur Railway Station. Manzarabad is 250 Kms from Bangalore.

The fort is located at an altitude of 3500 plus feet above sea level. Locals say that Manje Gowda, a local chieftain initially owned the fort but later on taken over by Tipu and some say that Tipu built this fort at the end of 17th century AD. The fort is Star shaped and occupies a plot of 5 acre area in size. The fort walls are surrounded with a moat, which is now dried up. The fort totally has 03 entrances and 9 viewpoints for guarding.

It is said that there are two underground passages from the fort leading to Srirangapatna and one to Mysore.

Inside the fort one can see a small shrine and other living rooms and bathrooms used in the olden days. A horse stable in one corner and a water well that is designed to reflect a cross resembling Christianity. Interesting thing is that locals say that this monument stands for secular identity as the 9 corners of the fort also indicate Navagrahas.

There are approximately 252 steps to reach the fort from the foothill.