Moodabidri (Mudbidri or Moodbiri), an ancient center of Jain learning, is a small town 37 km northeast of the Dakshin Kannada district headquarters, Mangalore, in Karnataka.

Because of widely grown bamboo in ancient days, this place got named as Moodabidri. Moodabidri comes from two words Moodu and Bidiru. Moodu means East and Bidiru means bamboo. This place was also known as Mooduvenupura. Moodabidri is at an average elevation of 147 metres (482 feet).

Temples in Moodabidri
The famous temples in Moodabidri are

  1. Thousand Pillars Temple (Jain Temple which is world famous temple)
  2. Sri Hanuman Temple
  3. Sri Venkatataramana Temple
  4. Mahalasa Narayani Temple (Mahamaye Temple)
  5. Pannicheri Venkatramana Temple
  6. Shiva Temple, Alangaar
  7. Old Maari Gudi at Swaraj Maidan
  8. New Maari Gudi at Swaraj Maidan

Tradition & Festivals Of Moodabidri

Hulivesha (Tiger dance) is a unique form of folk dance in Dakshina Kannada. Since tiger is considered as the favored carrier of Goddess Sharada, this dance is performed during the Dussera celebration. It is also performed during other festivals like Krishna Janmasthami and Ganesh Chathurthi. Moodbidri is famous for Hulivesha performed on Ganesha Chaturthui as Mangalore is famous for Dashera hulivesha and Udupi for Janmashtami Hulivesha.

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Badagu Mahaganapathi Temple Moodabidri

Shri Badagu Mahalingeshwara Mahaganapathi Temple is a Shiva temple located at Moodabidri, Karnataka.

Ganesh Chaturthi
During Ganesh Chaturthi Entire Moodbidri gets together to celebrate the festival. People worship Lord Ganesha's Idol kept at Samaj Mandir by Saarvajanika Ganeshotsva Samithi headed by Sri. K.Amarnath Shetty. On the 5th day Grand proccession is held late night and the Idol is taken to the Manasa Gangotri pond at Sri Mahalingeshwara temple Alangar.

During Navaraatri Idol of Sharada Maathe is kept at the Lashmi Venkatesha Temple, Ponnechary, Moodbidri, by Saarvajanika Samithi and celebrated for 2 days very Grandly. Also Sharada Maathe Idol is kept at the Venkatarama Temple Moodbidri and here it is celebrated for 3 days.

Maari Pooja or Rashi Pooja
There are four Maari Gudi Temples in Moodbidri. Old Maari Gudi at Swaraj Maidan, Maari Gudi at Swaraj Maidan, Maari Gudi at Mahaveera College, and Maari Gudi at Kotabagilu.

Bhuta Kola
Bhuta Kola or spirit worship is practised here. Bhuta Kola is usually done at night. Most of the temples have Bhuta Kola on the Annual Festival of the Temple.

Kambala or buffalo race is also conducted in water filled paddy fields. The Rani Abbakka Kambala Stadium is constructed at Kadale Kere Nisarga Dhama. Every year Kambla is organised here for 2 days.

Korikatta (Cockfight) is another favourite sport for village people on the Anual Festival of the Temples.

Nagaradhane or Snake worship is also practised according to the popular belief of the Naga Devatha to go underground and guard the species which lived on the top.

Konkani speaking GSBs have their own tradition of celebrating Dindu, Okali and Deepotsava.

The Muslims celebrate Uroos in the Masjids every year.

Jains have their Jain Milans yearly. All Jaina Basadi celebrated Ratotsava very Grandly. Each goes for some 7 days.

Celebrated by Christians at Alangar Church and Ponnechary Church.

History of Moodabidri

Gowri Temple located at heart of the city is the oldest temple in Moodbidiri. The temple is said to have been built in 7th century.

Hanuman Temple located at heart of the city is the most famous temple arround Moodbidri. People from many religion including Hindus, Muslims and Christians offer prayers to the Lord Hanuman.

There are 18 Temples, 18 Lakes, 18 Jaina Basadis and 18 roads connecting various villages in Moodbidri.

During 14th - 16th centuries this town emerged as a center of Jain religion, culture, art and architecture. 18 Jain temples, snown as Basadis, were constructed during this period. The Jain Math at Moodabadri is headed by a Bhattaraka belonging to the Mula Sangh order.

The most famous among them are Guru basadi, Tribhuvana Tilaka Chudamani Basadi and Ammanavara Basadi.

Guru basadi is the earliest of the Jain monuments. A stone idol of Parshwanatha, about 3.5 metres tall, is installed in the sanctum of this basadi. Here the rare Jain palm leaf manuscripts of 12th century A.D. known as 'Dhavala texts' are preserved.

Tribhuvana Tilaka Chudamani basadi is the largest and the most ornate of the Jain temples of this region. The common people also call this temple as Thousand pillared temple (Savira Kambada Basadi) . This is a large granite temple built in 1430 A.D. The 2.5 metres tall bronze image of Lord Chandranatha Swami in the sanctum of this basadi is considered to be very sacred. This three storeyed construction was supported by the rulers, the Jain Bhattaraka Swamiji, merchants and the common people. The temple is famous for the open pillared hall in front, consisting of a large variety of ornate pillars decorated with carvings typical of Vijayanagara style. A 15-meter tall single stone pillar called manastambha stands in front of the basadi.

Ratnakara Varni, the medieval Kannada author of Bharatesha Vaibhava belonged to this place. The famous Jain canonical texts known as Dhavala texts and also a number of palm leaf manuscripts of historical and literacy value are preserved in the Jain Math (monastery).

Moodabidri was the seat of the Chowtas, a Jain ruling family, who were originally located at Puthige, about 5 km from here. They moved their capital to Moodabidri in the 17th century. The remains of the 17th century Chowta Palace is known for its carved wooden pillars and ceilings.

How to reach Moodabidri
By Bus: Moodabidri is just 38 km away from Mangalore and accessible by bus.

By Train: You can reach Mangalore by train, bus or air.

By Air: Mangalore Airport is just 20 away from Moodbidri. It is at an hour distance from Udupi, place of world fame Sree krishna temple.

Also it is near to another jain centric place called Karkala. The other nearby places are Venoor and Kudremukh.

Pincode of Moodabidri is 574227

Sri Venkatramana and Sri Hanuman Temple Moodbidri

Moodabidri popularly known as Jaina Kashi, or Jnana Kashi is one of the prominent centre of Heritage & Spirituality along the costal Karnataka. In the pages of history this place is also known as Venupura or Mooduvenupura, because of the divesity of this land. Located in the heart of Dakshina Kannada District, this ever dynamic town is situated 37 kms northeast of Mangalore and is well connected to the tourist towns found nearby.

Sri Venkataramana Temple & Sri Hanuman Temple are the significant placess of worship for G.S.B. community here in Moodabidri. On the way to Karkala from Mangalore in national Highway 169 these temples are found in the heart of city. Sri Hanuma Temple is a Sannidhana for all irrespective of caste, creed, or religion in Moodabidri, lord Hanuman here stands as a power of strength, Progress and prosperity of the devotees. By the side of this temple. Sri venkataramana temple in Situated on the way to chowta's palace in a walkable distance. This temple was rebuilt recently and at present one can have the glorious look of this temple which stands as a mark of devotion of the Bhajakas of this temple. A large number of devotees along with Gowda Saraswath Samaj Bandavas actively associated with these temples feel blessed by the lord. Both these temples inter-connected for various reasons and well managed by the trustees elected from G.S.B. Community.

Sri Venkatramana Bhajana Mandali Sankeerthana , Bhajana Mandali of GSB Women is active here with their keerthana and volunteer sevas. Sri Veera Maruthi Seva Sangha is performing Sri Sharada Mahotatsava here every year. Navashakthi Mithra Vrinda is conduction Annual Cultural Competitions, G.S.B. Scholor ship Team is helping the needy in Education, G.S.B. Bhandhavya is organizing Sports like Cricket Matches ete... A team of volunteers including elder and youngers is the unique experience here for any one, who can see them while found dedicated in the temple activities.

Sri Hanuman Temple Moodbidri
Moodbidri, Mangalore - 574227
Phone Number: +(91)-8258-236633