Namada Chilume

Namada Chilume is a natural spring situated in Devarayanadurga, near Tumkur in Karnataka. The spring issues from the surface of the rock.

It is believed that Lord Shri Rama, along with Sitha and Laxman, stayed here during their Vanavas. Lord Shri Rama searched for water to apply nama/tilak on his forehead (Tilaka or Nama or Pundraka is a ritual mark on the forehead, of sandalwood paste, coloured earth or vermilion). When he couldn't find any water, he shot an arrow aiming at the rock. The arrow penetrated the rock, made a hole, and the water came out. Henceforth this place was called Namada Chilume, meaning "Spring of Tilak". As shown in the picture, the water comes out from a small hole throughout the year and never dries up. There is a foot impression of Lord Sri Rama near that.

This place is enclosed by the forest department. Little away from the current government guest house, just facing the spring is an old, dilapidated guest house constructed in 1931. Dr. Salim Ali, ornithologist also known as the "Bird man of India" was said to have stayed in this guest house during his visits to this place, around 1938.

Interestingly enough there is a moist deciduous patch behind the old guest house, adjoining the huge rock face and Dr. Salim Ali had collected moist-deciduous species in this area, which are no longer to be seen now.

The forest department has developed a nursery of medicinal plants near Namada Chilume. There are about 300 varieties of rare ayurvedic plants in this nursery. Group of similar species of plants are cultivated on specified plots for easy identification of the plant varieties. The nursery is located at aforest spot beside Tumkur-Devarayanadurga bus route. The nursery, known as the mini forest of medicinal plants, has been developed with the objective of conserving endangered species of plants on Devarayanadurga hills.

Deer Park
There is a Deer Park in the vicinity of the Namada Chilume, one gets reminded of the deer park in Lal Bagh. There many spotted deer taken care by theforest department. One can enjoy the un-polluted greenery and fresh air of the Namada Chilume. It is good try for one day trip. One needs to carry their own water and food, though there are small shops around. Also there is a Kamat outlet nearby on Tumkur Road for food and refreshments.

How to reach Namada Chilume

By Road: 68 kms from Bangalore, 14 kms from Tumkur Town, near Devarayana Durga. Nearest Town is Tumkur

1. From Bangalore -> Yeshwanthpur -> Dobbespet -> right turn under the flyover leads to Devarayandurga
2. From Bangalore -> Kyatsandra, after second toll gate(1Km) on Tumkur road take a right at Kyatsandra -> Siddaganga Mutt -> Namada Chilume

By Rail: Nearest Railway Station is 25 km away, in Dobbespet.

By Air: Nearest Airport is Bangalore International Airport