Omkar Ashram - Omkar Hills, Bangalore

Omkar Ashram, a popular religious and spiritual centre is located on the Omkar Hills in Shrinivasapura Bangalore.

The Omkar Ashram is located at a distance of 4-5 Km off Mysore Road (Near Kengeri and BGS Global Hospital). Situated 2,800 ft above sea level the Omkar Hills is one of the highest points and wonderful place in Bangalore city.

His Holiness Sri Sri Shivapuri Mahaswamiji is the founder Omkara Ashrama Mahasamsthana in 1992 on Omkar Hills.

The Omkar Ashram houses many temples which include Sri Vana Durga Temple, Sri Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Temple, Sri Matsya Narayana Temple, Sri Nagadevata Temple, Sri Ganapathi Temple and Sri Munishwara Temple.

The Omkar Ashram also has a Vedagama Patashala and a Goshala.

There is a giant tower clock which is one of the biggest clocks in the world (bigger than the reputed Big Ben of London). At an interval of every hour, the clock chimes the sound of couch (Shankanada) followed by Om five times.

Another attraction of the Omkar Ashram is the area surrounded by the banyan tree which is named the Sarvadharma Samanvaya Peetha which means seat of equality for all religions.

The tree is surrounded by eight mini shrines of different religions.

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Address of Omkar Ashram:
Omkar Ashram Maha Samasthana
Omkar Hills, Shrinivasapura,
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560 060
Phone Number: +91-80-28602586

To reach Omkar Hills by bus, you can catch bus from Uttarahalli or Kengeri. There are many busses from Kempegowda Bus Station and also from K R Market to Kengeri as well as Uttarahalli. The Omkar Hills very close to the JSS Academy of Technical Education, Kengeri.

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