Pavagada Distance Bus Route Map

Distance between Pavagada Taxi Car Auto Fare, Travel Time, Bus Number & Route Map.

  Distance from Travel Time
Bangalore, Karnataka 180 km 2 hours 59 mins
Tumkur, Karnataka 98.5 km 2 hours 2 mins
Hiriyur, Karnataka 87.9 km 2 hours 3 mins
Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh 51.5 km 1 hour 4 mins

Bangalore to Pavagada KSRTC Bus

There are 3 Bus Services from Bangalore to Pavagada operated by KSRTC and APSRTC. Due to Corona Pandemic, there is only 1 bus operators operate on this route. It take about 04:15 hours to reach Pavagada from Bengaluru. First bus from Bengaluru to Pavagada is APSRTC Express, that departs at 21:30 hours from Bengaluru.

Distance from Pavagada to Sira, Karnataka is 75.1 km and takes around 1 h 50 min via Sira - Agali Road.