Ramnagaram is a town located in the district of Ramnagara, Karnataka. The town of Ramnagaram is any tourist's delight, as it had lush green surroundings and challenging rock formations that can interest any adventure buff.

This is why a lot of adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline charged people visit the town of Ramnagaram every year, as scaling up these challenging rocks can be a very exciting experience indeed.

Ramnagaram is a very popular tourist destination, and unlike the other tourist destinations, Ramnagaram's popularity did not grow through word of mouth.The town of Ramnagaram has been featured in many movies and this has in turn contributed to the development of tourism within the town. The town is also called Closepet by some of the locals, as this was its name in the pre-Independence era.

The town of Ramnagaram is mainly popular for its various granite hills which are very tall structures that can be scaled with some good effort. This is why Ramnagaram is so popular, as these peaks are not impossible to scale, and any tourist can try his or her hand at it. The famous granite climbs are Wanakkal Wall, Rainbow Wall and Anna Thamma that roughly translates to Black Diamond.

Distance from Ramohalli Cross Bus Stop to Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd, Ramanagaram district, Industrial Area, Bidadi is14.9 km and takes around 18 min via NH275. Distance from Malavalli to Ramanagara, Karnataka is 57.4 km and travelling takes around 1 h 10 min via Malavalli - Madduru Road and NH275.

Temples near Ramnagaram

Kengal Anjaneya Swamy Temple
Kabbalamma Temple, Kabbalu


Jagadapura is a small Village/hamlet in Channapatna Taluk in Ramanagara District of Karnataka. Distance from Jagadapura to Kailancha, Karnataka is 38.0 km and travelling takes around 53 min via SH 94.

Route Distance Travel Time
Jagadapura to Channapatna, Karnataka
via Channapatna-Halaguru Road
20.6 km 33 min
Jagadapura to Mandya, Karnataka
via Rudrakshipur - Halaguru Road and NH275
49.6 km 1 h 11 min
Jagadapura to Maddur, Karnataka
via Rudrakshipur - Halaguru Road
32.7 km 54 min
Jagadapura to Hagalur, Karnataka
via NH150A
396.5 km 7 h 17 min

Distance from Malavalli to Ramanagara is 57.4 km and travelling takes around 1 h 12 min via Malavalli - Madduru Road and NH275.