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Bangalore, Karnataka 50 Km 2 Hours

Sri Kabbalamma Temple, Kabbalu

Sri Kabbalamma Temple is situated in a village called Kabbalu in Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagara district, Karnataka. Shree Kabbalamma Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Shakti or Kabbalamma. Distance from Ramohalli Cross Bus Stop, Dodd Aladmara Road to Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd, 1, Ramanagaram district, Industrial Area, Bidadi is 14.9 km and travelling around 18 min via NH275. Distance from Vijaya Nagar to Sri Kabbalamma Temple, Kabbalu, Ramanagara is 82.6 km and travelling takes around 1 h 50 min via NH275.

This temple can be reached from Bangalore via Kanakapura or Ramanagara / Channapattana. It is around 70 – 75 km away from Bangalore. Road to this temple passes through many villages and on the way we can see many rocky hills. Kabbalu Durga may be one of these rocky hills which is a trekking destination.

Devotees come to this temple to seek fulfilment and solutions in many areas. It is believed that those looking for a good marriage or well-being for their spouse can come and offer prayers at this shrine. The resident bull is also an important part of the more recent legends surrounding the temple, and many come for the blessings from this animal, considered a representation of the deity. An interesting ritual is associated with this resident bull or Basaveshwara. A devotee who promises to make an offering to the bull will have to sleep on the floor, allowing the bull to walk over him or her. Even small children are made to lie down in front of the bull. Devotees also tie bundles of currency notes to the horns of the bull, as part of the offerings or expression of gratitude for wishes being granted.

The Kabbal village, where this temple is situated, is also home to the Kabbal fort, built on a large rock that is around 250 metres high. Kabbal Fort or Kabbal Durga as it is known locally is a great destination for treks and nature photography. The summit of this rocky landscape offers magnificent views of the surrounding arid plains and granite formations. One can see this large rock from many kilometres away and it is considered a major landmark in this part of Karnataka.

Shree Kabbalamma Temple
Kabbalu, Ramanagara – 562126
Phone Number: +91 80 231 9000 / 236 17700
Best Time to Visit: October to February