Red Hills

Red Hills, a pristine region of Nilgiris ranges and an ecologically fragile area in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, is located at a distance of about 28 km from Ooty. It is believed that the place was christened by the British.

One British Colonel finding resemblance of the place with his native place in Britain and gave the name Red Hills to this place. The eye feasting natural beauty and the pleasant cool ambiance are the major features of this place.

The great expanse of lush green forests and the unpolluted atmosphere make this place a unique destination for eco friendly tourism. Red Hills is enriched with open lusting green grasslands and dense woody forests providing exotic views of nature and its beauties. The major attractions in the Red Hills are the eight serene lakes located in and around the place. The scenic blue lakes are Emerald, Upper Bhavani, Avalanche, Porthimund, Parson's Valley Lake and Western catchments numbered 1, 2 and 3.

The tourists can try out some fishing in these lakes. Carp and trout are plenty in these majestic lakes. One can spot many bird fauna over the lakes as well. Set on the backdrop of magnificent Nilgiri blue hills, Red Hills offers splendid panoramic views of miles and miles of Tea plantations surrounding it. One can breathe the fresh air and spend his time in relaxation over the grass lawns for many hours. Tranquility and scenic beauty provide any visitor of this place a real unforgettable experience for a lifetime.One can get a rare chance of experiencing the life and style of Toda tribes settled around the Avalanche Lake. Red Hills nature resorts, situated at height of 7,000 ft in a hillock is a popular resort around the majestic place.