Route Map Driving Directions Bangalore to Honavar

Driving directions Bangalore to Honavar, Karnataka
Distance between Bangalore and Honavar is 441 km, 7 hours 47 mins. Car Rental Fare, City Taxi Fare, Fuel Cost & Auto Fare. Bangalore to Honavar KSRTC Rajahamsa, Rajahamsa Executive, Airavat, Airavat Club Class, Airavat Bliss, Airavat Superia Volvo, Suvarna Karnataka Sarige and Corona AC Sleeper Bangalore to Honavar KSRTC Bus Timings, Timetable, Arrival, Departure, Tickets Reservation and Minimum Fare from Bangalore to Honavar, Shortest Radial Distance, government bus services, Road Condition, how many hours journey, Cities Between, Restaurants, travel experience by Road, Bangalore to Honavar Trip Tour Packages, Bangalore to Honavar Train Timings Fare, Taxi Fare from Bangalore to Honavar.

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  1. Bangalore, Karnataka
  2. Head toward Kasturba Rd northwest on Grant Rd 87 m
  3. Turn right onto Kasturba Rd
  4. Pass by HP Petrol Pump (on the left in 600 m) 750 m
  5. Turn left at Mahatma Gandhi Cir onto Queens Rd
  6. Pass by Rashi E Waste (on the right) 800 m
  7. Continue onto Raj Bhavan Rd 290 m
  8. Slight left to stay on Rajbhavan Rd
  9. Pass by Upper House (on the right) 500 m
  10. Turn right at Kukreja Electronics onto Palace Rd 170 m
  11. Keep left at the fork 57 m
  12. At Dharmaprakash Devarao Shivaram Ubhayaker Circle, continue onto Sankeys Rd 950 m
  13. Turn right at Windsor Yield onto Ramana Maharshi Rd/Sankeys Rd 18 m
  14. Turn left to stay on Ramana Maharshi Rd/Sankeys Rd
  15. Continue to follow Ramana Maharshi Rd 1.0 km
  16. Continue onto Chowdaiah Rd/Sankey Cross Rd
  17. Continue to follow Chowdaiah Rd
  18. Pass by SHELL Petrol Bunk (on the left in 450 m) 2.0 km
  19. At CV Raman Cir, take the 2nd exit onto CV Raman Rd 1.3 km
  20. Slight right onto Yeshwanthpur Circle Flyover/Yeshwantpur Flyover 350 m
  21. Continue onto Tumkur Road
  22. Pass by Sri Rama Traders (on the left in 2.6 km) 2.6 km
  23. Continue onto NH 75
  24. Pass by Bullet Logistics Pvt Ltd (on the left in 8.9 km) 18.5 km
  25. Continue onto NH 48
  26. Pass by Maruthi Enterprises (on the left) 34.5 km
  27. Slight left onto NH 73 10.6 km
  28. Turn left to stay on NH 73 71.0 km
  29. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit to stay on NH 73 25.6 km
  30. Keep left at the fork
  31. Pass by Hindustan Petrol Bunk (on the left in 2.5 km) 16.0 km
  32. Continue onto NH 206 300 m
  33. Continue straight onto NH 69 23.3 km
  34. Turn right to stay on NH 69
  35. Go through 1 roundabout
  36. Pass by Petrol Pump (on the right in 29.7 km) 61.8 km
  37. Slight left to stay on NH 69 1.9 km
  38. Continue onto NH 13
  39. Pass by MRT Center KPTCL Shimoga (on the left in 550 m) 650 m
  40. Turn left onto NH 69 3.5 km
  41. Turn right to stay on NH 69 74.7 km
  42. Turn left to stay on NH 69
  43. Pass by Hotel New Pravasi (on the left) 87.0 km
  44. Continue onto NH 66 170 m
  45. Turn left onto Bazar Road 200 m
  46. Honavar, Karnataka

Honavar in Karnataka