Sandur or Sanduru

Sanduru or Sandur, is a town in Bellary District in Karnataka. It is the administrative seat of Sanduru taluka.

Sanduru is extremely rich in mineral ores like iron and manganese. There is a remarkable fort built by the Maratha rulers in sandur. Sandur was ruled by the Ghorpade royal family of the Marathas. Two beautiful temples dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Lord Kumaraswamy are also been found here. The temples are famous for their beautiful architecture and serene environment.


Ramanadurga or Ramgad is small hill station located in the midst of granite hills at a distance of 16 kms from Sandur. The Hill station is located at an altitude of 3255 above the sea level. The hill station also has two other attractions, which are a fort built by Prince Kumara Rama of Kampli and the Ramadeva temple. The temple has been rebuilt out of the ruins of an older temple edifice.


Kamalapura is just 5km away from Hampi and 40 km away from Sanduru. Tourists can visit Malyavanta Temple, Bhima Gateway and Arched Gateway here. The Archaeological museum which houses the excavated artifacts and statues are worth paying a visit. This museum has on display many items from the ruins. The notable items are images of Durga and the Lakshmi statue associated with the monolithic Narasimha of Vijayanagara. There is also a scale model of the entire city centre of Vijayanagara in the museum.

Mahanavami Dibba

Mahanavami Dibba is of high historical importance and is located close to Hampi. This 22 feet tall structure near Hampi is made out by laying down three layers of giant square structure. There are two ways to reach the top. The front gate has been exquisitely carved with figures of elephants and horses. The back gate is believed to be used for ceremonies in the olden years. King Krishnadevaraya to commemorate the victory over Udaygiri had built the monument.