Vaidya Narayana Murthy Cancer Cure, Shimoga

Sri Narsipura Subbaiah Narayana Murthy is an Ayurveda practitioner living in a village called Narasipura in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. Vaidya Narayana Murthy and his family members have been treating for decades, with herbal medicines, the so called incurable medical conditions - cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney diseases etc. Vaidya Narayana Murthy is famous, particularly for his cancer treatments. The doctor dispenses medicines on Thursdays and Sundays. People gather in queues to receive his cancer medicines, which he starts dispensing early in the morning around 7:00 AM. Roughly about thousand people receive their medicine on every Thursday and Sunday. There are few NGOs that help Vaidya Narayana Murthy in his noble effort.

Shri. Vaidya Narayana Murthy,
Village Narasipura,
Anandapura, Sagar Taluk,
Shimoga District, Karnataka, India
Phone Number: 090146 46206, 097501 76468

Vaidya Narayana Murthy passes away at 81

Vaidya Narayana Murthy passes way of a heart attack on Wednesday night, June 24 2020 at Narasipura. On Wednesday night Narayana Murthy suffered a heart attack and though he was rushed to the hospital, doctors declared him brought dead. He was 81. He is survived by his wife, son and four daughters.

Distance from Shivamogga, Karnataka to Kuppali, Karnataka is 66.2 km and travelling takes around 1 h 36 min via NH169. Distance from Shivamogga, Karnataka to Kotilingeshwara Temple, Kodilingam Temple Road, Ghattakamadenahalli is 405.2 km and takes around 7 h 22 min via NH369 and NH48. Distance from Shivamogga to Kuppali, Karnataka is 66.2 km and travelling takes around 1 h 35 min via NH169.

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Vaidya NS narayana Murthy cancer medicine in Narsipura Shimoga Karnataka address contact details and phone number with reviews. Tirumakudalu Narasipura (T. Narasipura or T.N. Pura) is temple city in Karnataka.T. Narasipura is a panchyath town in Mysore district in Karnataka. This is the place in South India where Kumbhamela is held every three years. T. Narasipura and its surrounding areas are prehistoric sites where many Neolithic sites have been unearthed by the Department of Archeology and Museums of Karnataka.

Shimoga Distance Bus Route Map

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  Distance from Travel Time
Bengaluru to Shivamogga
via NH 48 and SH 24
301.3 km 5 h 43 min
Shivamogga, Karnataka to Chennai, Tamil Nadu
via NH 48, NH 48 and Bengaluru - Chennai Highway
664.1 km 211 h 53 min
Shivamogga to Chikmagalur, Karnataka
via NH 69 and SH 57
97.2 km 22 h 10 min
Shivamogga to Chitradurga, Karnataka
via Shivamogga - Chitradurga Road
105.6 km 22 h 19 min
Shivamogga to Dandeli, Old Dandeli, Karnataka
via NH 69 and SH 93
245.2 km 25 h 1 min
Shivamogga to Daramasthala, Karnataka 574216
via NH169
165.5 km 23 h 58 min
Shivamogga to Davanagere, Karnataka
via Shimoga - Harihar - Hospet Road
92.9 km 22 h 5 min
Shivamogga to Jog Falls, Karnataka
via NH 69
100.6 km 1 h 53 min
Shivamogga to Kadur, Karnataka 577548
via NH 69
70.2 km 1 h 37 min
Shivamogga to Kundapura, Karnataka
via NH169 and Kundapura - Shimoga Road
147.4 km 3 h 19 min
Shivamogga to Kuppali, Karnataka
via NH169
77.0 km 1 h 35 min
Shivamogga to Mysuru, Karnataka
via NH 69, Bangalore - Shivamogga Rd and Arsikere - Mysore Road
244.9 km 25 h 26 min
Tumakuru to Shivamogga
via NH 48 and SH 24
233.3 km 4 h