Someshwara Temple, Bangalore

The Someshwara Temple is one the oldest temples of Bangalore in Karnataka. Built during the Chola period, the Someshwara Temple, Bangalore is one of the most striking examples of ancient Indian architecture.

The Someshwara Temple, Bangalore is located in Ulsoor and was built by Kempa Gowda. This temple is s symbol of the greatness of the Chola kings. The shrine is particularly known for its magnificent architecture. There are a large number of elaborately carved pillars inside the temple premise. The pillars are said to produce the sounds of musical instruments when tapped. You can also take a look at the ancient scriptures inscribed on the walls. Some of the most striking features of the temple include the Rajgopuram or the temple tower and the Dhwajastambha, which is huge pillar placed right in front of the temple.

Someshwara Temple in Bangalore is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The most amazing fact about this temple is that Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma are also worshipped over here. This huge temple also houses the deities of Kamakshamma, Arunachaleswara, Bhimeswara, Nanjundeswara and Panchalingeswara. Numerous religious festivals are held inn this temple throughout the year. Shivaratri Festival is one of the main festivals that is held over here. Large number of devotees come here to pour water on the 'Pancha Lingeswaras' and offer prayers to Lord Shiva. Other festivals that are held in the Someshwara Temple, Bangalore includes the Brahmostsav and the Kamakshamma Pallaki Utsav. During the Kamakshamma Pallaki Utsav, the idol of Goddess Kamakshamma is taken out in procession in a palanquin around the temple. Special rituals and ceremonies are also held over here during Ugadi and Karthik Poornima. Other attractions of the temple include the Ashwattha Katte, a huge banyan tree.

The Someshwara Temple, Bangalore is one of the most beautiful temples of the city. You can come over here and take a look at the amazing sculptures and carvings that beautify this Shiva temple.