Tholpetty is one of the significant tourist attractions in Kerala. Tholpetty is a well known and prominent place as tourist destination owing to a beautiful and charming landscape.

It has an extensive stretch of mountain ranges towering on all the sides. Tholpetty is breathtaking with its spectacular and serene atmosphere attracting the tourists to visit and revisit this heavenly place.

Tholpetty is abundantly rich with flora and fauna. The richness in flora and fauna is a natural invitation to its animal wealth and bird'ss species. One of the rarest species can also be seen here.

A panoramic view with abundance of natural beauty is the best options that one would never wish to miss during his lifetime. The showers present a green lush all around the region giving a pleasant feeling.

The deciduous forests are abundantly opulent in bio-diversity and form one of the exceptional integral parts of the Nilgiri Reserve. This was the place the Malabar King Pazhassi Raja fought the British and has become the main reason to acquire historical importance.

Tholpetty is abundantly rich with natural wealth, a fact significantly obvious from the number of trees it has with medicinal values.

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