Venkataramanswamy Temple

The Venkataramanswamy Temple, Bangalore is one of the most ancient temples of the city. With its intricate carvings and unique architecture, this temple has become an epitome of India's art and culture.

The Venkataramanswamy Temple, Bangalore was built nearly 300 years ago by king Chikka Devaraya Wodiyar. It is located close to Tipu Sultan's summer palace and is a perfect example of ancient Dravidian architecture. You can come over here and take a look at the intricately carved pillars, which are supported by lion brackets. The walls feature beautiful carvings of animals and human figures. One can get to see the figures of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva carved on the walls. It is not a very big temple.

The pillars are some of the biggest attraction of the temple. During the third Mysore War in the year 1791-92, the pillars were destroyed by cannon balls. One can still get to see the cannon marks on the pillars of the Venkataramanswamy Temple, Bangalore. However, thereafter the pillars had to be renovated and repaired in order to bring them back to their original grandeur. The temple has stood the test of time. After the fall of Tipu Sultan in 1799, the kings of the Wodiyar dynasty carried out extensive restoration work on the temple to bring it back to its former look. Maharaja Chikka Krishna Devaraya performed a thanksgiving religious ceremony in this very temple when he took over Tipu Sultan's palace in 1811.

Numerous devotees and tourist come everyday to the Venkataramanswamy Temple, Bangalore not only to offer prayers but also to take a look at this historic monument and marvel at its beautiful carvings and architecture. It is a major sightseeing destination of the city.

Thus, you can pay a visit to the Venkataramanswamy Temple, Bangalore and learn about the history of the India.