Waterfalls Around Coorg Madikeri

Coorg (Madikeri) is a beautiful hill station situated in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. People from all over the world visit Coorg to experience its stupendous natural beauty. Coorg is a lush green hill station. It has coffee plantations, teak wood forests, pepper and cardamom plantations, and plenty which makes Coorg rich in flora and fauna. Apart from other things the waterfalls around Coorg are also a major attraction of the hill station.

Coorg is often referred as a philosopher's paradise. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations of South India. The most beautiful aspect about Coorg is its greenery. Orange groves and rich plantations appeal to all the six senses of human faculty. Coorg has everything that makes a perfect hill station - flora and fauna, river, waterfalls, trekking, caves, temples, and a traditional ethnic community. Coorg is also famous as the source of river kaveri. Kaveri flows through the length and breadth of Coorg. Due to this the main occupation of the people in Coorg is agriculture.

There is more than one reason to visit Coorg. The natural scenic beauty is the first followed by innocent people, simple ethnic cuisine, cultural events, festivals, and clean and green town. The most famous spots of Coorg are - Madikeri Fort, Raja's Seat, Omkareshwar Temple, Abbey Falls, and Iruppu falls. A lot of international and national tourists get attracted to the waterfalls around Coorg. After all it is a breathtaking sight to see huge stream of water falling from a height amidst the lush green background.

The main waterfalls around Coorg are:
Abbey Falls
Iruppu Falls
Chelavara Waterfalls

Abbey Falls
Abbey Falls is 8 kms away from Madekiri. This is a much visited spot in Coorg and a preferred destination for picnic. Abbey falls is located inside a private coffee plantation. So apart from the waterfall one can also visit the coffee and cardamom plantations around.

The gushing water from a rocky ravine produces a heavy sound that can be heard fro a distance. The waterfall is at its best during the rainy season when there is lot of water in the fall.

Iruppu Falls
Iruppu Fall is located 50 kms from Madekiri. The water falls from a height of 170 ft. The waterfall originates from the peak of Brahmgiri and the water merges with the Lakshmana Teertha River in the plains.

Apart from its natural beauty the waterfall is famous for its religious connection. The waterfall is also known as Lakshmana Teertha. According to the Hindu mythology the Iruppu waterfall was created by an arrow shot by Laxman while he was searching water for his revered brother Rama. There is a temple of Lord Shiva located on the banks of River Ramatirtha. Many tourists also visit the waterfall for religious reasons.

While visiting the Iruppu waterfall one can also see the Nagarhole National Park which is just 20kms away.

The waterfall is surrounded by paddy fields that enhance the beauty of the location.

Iruppu and Abbey are the two waterfalls around Coorg. They are excellent tourist spots and have immense natural beauty.

Chelavara Waterfalls
This ambushed but majestic stream-falls is an ideal place for budding trekkers and nature lovers. Reaching this place is full of fun and adventurous as one has to cruse through the countryside crossroads all along. You will have to walk for about a kilometer from the parking area to reach the falls. It is fairly easy to climb to the falls, but the incline and trail difficulty increases dramatically in the next few miles if you choose to continue beyond. Two kilometers from the falls is another enigmatic Hill, an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset. This falls is often miss-spelled as Chalvera Falls, which is incorrect.

It is more like a mini-trekking. People with knee pain might face difficulties. Older generation might not enjoy the trip to Chelavara falls. Do not leave children unattended at anytime. Carry all necessary things along with you, as there are no shops in the vicinity. It is advisable to take along water bottle, towel (if you intend to get into the water), eatables (if you wish to make it a picnic), first aid kit (you never know) and a camera! Try as much to wear trekking boots or sport shoes and avoid wearing slippers, sandals, high heels, formal/office shoes etc. Be extremely careful when you get into water in Coorg as it might cost you your sweet life. Safety first ! Location of Chelavara Waterfalls is Chelavara village (Madikeri-Murnad-9 kms into Virajpet Road-deviation-Kadanga Town-Chelavara village)

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