Yedathore Arakeshwara Temple

Krishna Raja Nagar in Mysore district was earlier known as Yedathore. Krishna Raja Nagar is 49 kms from Mysore. The town is well connected by KSRTC Buses, train and private buses.

The ancient temple of Lord Arkeshwara (Shiva) called Yedathore Arakeshwara Temple is the main attraction in Krishna Raja Nagar. Situated on the banks of river Kaveri, it stands out strikingly against the background of the river and the lush greenery to make a perfect poster. A few steps lead you into the temple with stone pillars and beautiful clean stone courtyard where you can walk and peacefully experience the calmness of the temple, which has stood witness to mankind for a century. The chirping of the birds and the gurgling of the river are soothing to the ears. The greenery surrounding the riverbanks is breathtaking. The sanctum has a small Linga and one can feel the powerful vibrations from the lord. The temple is a host to many Shivalingas and to Goddess Parvathi. Poojas (rituals) are conducted every day at the temple. The annual car festival is held on Rathasapthami day, which falls in the Hindu month of Magh i.e, January February in the Gregorian calendar.

The river is reachable for a holy dip and to splash around.