Gauribidanur is a historical town in Chikballapur district in Karnataka. Gauribidanur is about 75 km from Bangalore, and 25 km from the Educational Hub of Muddenahalli-Kanivenarayanapura. Along with the native language of Kannada, the other languages of Telugu and Urdu are spoken since the town borders the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh.

History of Gauribidanur
The name Gauribidanur could have originated from the terms- Ghori [Grave] and Bidanur [a common name for towns in the old mysore state]. It has been said that Tipu Sultan had some of his soldiers buried here. To this day a mosque built by him stands with some old graves. Some other sources indicate the name Gauribidanur is derived from Gowri and Bidanur.

Not long ago, this town used to be the hub of lot of cultural activities and sports. With the advent of television, people seem to have forgotten the good old days. The old school, Acharya high school churned out many talented people from all walks of life. Homi Bhabha and Mahatma Gandhi visited this school way back in its infancy and was labelled a model school in the country.

Dr H Narasimhaiah is one of the famous sons, who was born in Hossur village of this taluk. Born into a poor family he struggled in his early years and rose to become the Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University. It is only because of his efforts and commitments about his hometown that led the people towards education. "The Infosys Science Center" which is in Hossur village, is just like a miny Vishweshwaraiah technological museum and students all over the district used to visit hossur. The science center is present in the National High School campus of Hossur.

Hossur is the first village in Karnataka which was improved in its infrastructure and other basic needs by "Swasthigrama Yojane". The money spent on this plan was about 1 crore rupees.